Notes from Eben Pagan's Course: How To Be An Entrepreneur

Session 1 - Introduction: How To Be An Entrepreneur 

Like the Cambrian explosion, we're living in a time where business opportunity is "exploding": the landscape of business is "exploding" with possibility.

Business thrives in where chance meets choice. 

Most of the time you should be doing what works: the known money-making activities. Asking people how to create value for them, and creating it.

Recognize big opportunity when it comes, and act upon it with speed. Intersection between new and old ideas, new  and old relationships, old and new knowledge.

51:00 Entrepreneur - the developer of opportunities. 

Success is going to come to you when you've gotten good at opportunity development; not your first, but 10th of 50th.

Learning self-awareness, self-direction, self-control. Actualize your greatest potential and make great contributions to the world and all of life.

This is an exercise preparing your for something far more important - this is a stair step itself.

Summarize: future is about discovering and creating your own opportunities, then mining them for success, being decisive.

These skills can be learned.

 Change your identity to becoming an entrepreneur: I'm an entrepreneur, I discover and create opportunities for creating value.

You will hit a transformation that makes it all happen fluidly. ... Suddenly, you can improvise ... Like learning to play a musical instrument.

57:40 Exercises

Know your why - or else it will be easy to get distracted. The vision for your entrepreneurial future.

Key skill: Envisioning the future different than it is. 

Go into the future, and imagine the key reason why you're becoming an entrepreneur: Is it a that you want to move towards or away from something? A feeling that you want? Material things you want? Success? Get away from a negative situation? Any reason is fine. 

Imagine looking back: what is the reason you did it for? Get specific: Not: "I want to make more money". 

Write down your key reason for becoming an entrepreneur: what you're moving toward, what you're moving away from. Really see that future where you've already accomplished that ... you're away from that thing you want to avoid, or you've actualized the thing you want to create.

See it coming real!

Me: I'm creating a world where it is easier to become a creator. I'm freeing brains. I'm building Omumu to let course creators and coaches sell and deliver their material in a better way, in a way that makes it easier for the takers of courses to consume and actually learn something.

I'm building The Army Of Coders to inspire new and existing coders, to spread the fun of coding for good.

Building a community of creators.

Building a platform I can stand on to free myself, to further develop myself. So I can study both programming and marketing deeper, dive deeper into psychology, and create music. So I can further explore, and have more outlets for my curiosity, and so that I don't have to ask anyone for permission to pursue crazy-seeming ideas.

My business allows me to wake up when I want, do what I want, where I want, with whom I want for as long as I want. It allows me to go skiing when I want, to be in the sun when there is sun, to travel as much as I want, to spend a lot of my time with the people I love.

I know I’m successful when I’m enjoying the work I do every day. When I create and share. When I can follow my own ideas to fruition. When I have lots of time to spend with friends and family, and to be in nature. When I feel connection and peace of mind.

NLP Visualization: 3-5 Years into the future

Float out into the future, or take a space ship, and move to 3 years from now -- see yourself after you have actualized the success you're wanting.

Notice how you're standing, how your posture is a little bit different than what it is now, notice your clothing, notice the physical shape you're in. Notice the level of muscle tone you've got. Notice the look on your face. Notice how you will look different when you've become actualized, when your success has become real.

Now, actually project yourself into that image. Feel what it feels like to be that person you're going to be in three years. Notice how it feels different. Notice the energy level. The enthusiasm level. Notice the thoughts being thought by that person. Notice the self-esteem. How it feels to think about your life and the world from that perspective.

Imagine jumping back out of yourself. Now you know what it is to be like that person. Throw that person up into the air and let it explode into a million copies of itself, spreading throughout the universe, all around you, into your past, into your future, into every part of your life. 

You're taking that idea and spreading it into your life, and you are creating new connections in your mind, in your brain. 

When you can get clear about your self, actualized, and you can put in in your past and you can put it in your future, it will remind to go become that person. You tell your mind on what you're going to accomplish, and it is like a search engine that then goes out into the world to see how it can create that reality for you.

Now that you're clear on the key reason why you want to become and entrepreneur, and you can feel what it's going to feel like, what it looks like, you've put it in the past and future. In next sessions, you will learn about the techniques and the skills.



Inner and outer game.

Inner game: habits. Stephen Cover: "Time management is a misnomer" - you cannot manage time, you can only manage yourself.

Will power is limited, so you need to put new routines, habits in place. Create one new habit per 30 days.

Drink 1/2 liter of water every morning. Make green smoothies with eggs and cottage cheese. Exercise daily. 

Make success as an entrepreneur "more inevitable" - put the water so you see it when you wake up. Turn off email notifications. Close the door to your office.  Don't respond to inbound stuff at times when you mean to create.

What conditions do you need to put in place right now to make success as an entrepreneur more inevitable? You might say "I need to hire a coach, so that once a week they keep me accountable". Maybe you need an accountability partner. 

What is the next habit you need to put in place that you're going to create a ritual for and do every day for the next 30 days?

Example: Do one hour of day of training from Eben Pagan.

Write out the ritual in exact steps -- to sync it up with the rest of your life - on-ramp and off-ramp.

Put it into your calendar. Practice it once, go through it.

Do your new ritual at the beginning of your day, when you have the will power.

Create your personal success ritual to perform at the start of the day: drink 1/2 liter of water, exercise, study, meditation ...

After that, do "business stuff", PQO (Prolific Quality Output - Brendon Burchard) : create product and marketing (Traffic, List, Offer)