Advanced Growth Mindset And Habits

I can learn and grow and become better. The world is shapeable. Everything is not fixed, including myself.

You know and believe you can. I can make it happen and I will.

Do you have a growth mindset? It shows up in your progress.

Where does the g.m. come from?




Ambition - Increase it. Increases Desire, Motivation.

Mastery. The desire to become world class at something.


These areas give us the sense of growth.

Five Habits

1 Notice the signals to grow.


Disengagement is the tell of the fixed mindset. 


When there is a challenge and you disengage, there is a fixed mindset. Self-doubt, self-anger is a signal to develop, learn more, and practice more.


Self-doubt doesn't say stop, is says engage, improve, try again and again and again. Be more gracious with yourself. 


"Self-hate" is the fixed mindset rearing its head. 


Use Curiosity: "oh, this isn't going well for me. What can I learn here. About myself, about others. About the world." Disappointment ends the day you adapt the learning mindset. 


Responsibility: It is my job to improve the situation. 


Ambition: Most of the time we focus on what's wrong, instead ask: how would I like it to be


Mastery: What must I do to develop myself to be better here? Signals come from two areas: Problems & Inspiration/Vision/Possibilities. 


Don't drive by just avoiding to pot holes ... know where you're going, where you want to go! 


Create time for the ideas, for creation. Reengage the dreams. 


Every morning throw out the spear of purpose and throw it as far as you can - into the future - maybe that's one week, or a year ... Then you march towards that spear, and then you pick it up and throw it as far as you can again.


2 Make a development plan.

You are the learning officer in your life. 


Put in the calendar for the next six months. If every day is another "reaction day", you are in a fixed mindset. You stopped believing in big projects.